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  Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Heat Transfer Equipment

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Unique and Exclusive Demand-Side Management/Reduction Solution

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Works with all refrigerants, fluids, water, steam, water-glycol mix!  What else would you want!

Any heat transfer between fluid and air -- air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump water heater, or just heat transfer


HVAC/R Industry......wake up!!

 Stop the enormous, immense waste of human and natural resources and energy


"If you improve the air conditioning efficiency by 30%, you would save 2500 power plants by year 2050, which translates to about $2.5 trillion dollars"……………….Nihar Shah, Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

DEEP Coil  exceeds 30% energy savings 

1 quad = 1,000,000,000,000,000 BTUs

= 293,071,039 MW

=293,071 GW

Average Power Capacity of One Nuclear Reactor = 1 GW


Clean, reliable, eco-friendly, harmless technology. 


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Jan 2023


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If you – a small OEM or multi-billion huge OEM, a major large consumer, NGO, Electric Power utility or dedicated environmentalist like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sir Richard Branson or Amazon Jeff Bezos – are beneficiaries of this paper, either by way of increased corporate profits or by contribution to your goals towards combating climate change, it will be enormously appreciated donating a small portion, commensurate with benefits anticipated/achieved, to recoup my investment in time, money and risk.
  As a small individual entity without access to model shop, test laboratory, capital, this “DEEP Coil” project consumed enormous effort, time and money to develop a major category appliance
.  For example, small custom 4 sq.ft prototype coil sample would cost around $2k and testing upwards of $3k/day. Expensive custom tooling (fin-dies $75k, fin-press, other) was needed to make prototypes, which became obsolete with successive designs.  Numerous patents, prototypes and many weeks of testing were incurred over the years. Will it be fair to expect it all for free!



According to the United States Department of Energy, today's buildings consume more energy than any other sector of the US economy, including transportation and industry. Please click following link to Paypal. 


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Reduce Cost/Energy in HVAC/R Equipment by Half

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